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Installing bar for resistance bands

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Setting up a little gym in my basement for my teenager. Low ceilings.

Attached is a photo from years ago BEFORE we installed sheetrock. Space was used for storage. You can see that we used aluminum studs, not 2x4's.

Now I want to screw in some kind of bar onto the wall, to the left of the corner, to use for resistance bars. My teenager is strong and I don't want stuff ripping out.

I'm guessing that screwing a single eye hook screw into an aluminum stud would be a mistake. I've thought about putting a vertical 2x4 "on the other side of the wall" and then securing a resistance bar to that stud by drilling through the sheetrock then through the aluminum stud and then into the wood. I would use a nut on the end.

Any other suggestions? I'm afraid i don't have a sense of how strong screws into aluminum might be.



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