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Installing baffles in an attic with no vent?

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I am new to this community so, Hi to all. I am trying to finish an attic with cathedral roof from an 1890 house that has no soffit or top vents. The ceiling will be where the collar ties are (a little less than 8 feet tall) so there will be a kind of crawl space still left at the top. I did knee walls but I am planning on running insulation on the wall as far down as I can so I can insulate the empty space behind the knee walls (using for storage and A/C duct)

My question is, do I need to use baffles behind the insulation? Is there any scenario where I don't need to use baffles?

Thank you,
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You need to look at the venting, the soffet and high vents are really important.

The ridge vent is not much a problem, what are you looking at for soffet vents

Did you build the nee walls out of 2x6 for good depth of insulation.

The sloped part of the ceiling will likely need more room for baffles and enough insulation.

did you solid block between the joists below the nee walls?
Thanks for the quick reply.
I did not reconstruct or rebuild anything. I just added the kneewall studs to close in with sheetrock (no load bearing). This is an old house and it does not have suffits or top vents so I just wanted to know if I had to still use the baffles if I don't have any ventilation coming from the soffits or top vent.
I understood what you said, I didn't ask about load bearing anything. my response and questions stay the same.
I guess I did not understand your answer. Are you saying I have to make the soffits and the top vent in order to put insulation on the roof? No, I did not put blocks in between joists on floor, I did the bottom plate for the kneewall and extended the original 2x6 rafters by addin 2x4's.
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