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Installing baffles in an attic with no vent?

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I am new to this community so, Hi to all. I am trying to finish an attic with cathedral roof from an 1890 house that has no soffit or top vents. The ceiling will be where the collar ties are (a little less than 8 feet tall) so there will be a kind of crawl space still left at the top. I did knee walls but I am planning on running insulation on the wall as far down as I can so I can insulate the empty space behind the knee walls (using for storage and A/C duct)

My question is, do I need to use baffles behind the insulation? Is there any scenario where I don't need to use baffles?

Thank you,
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Hi Eric,
I've been following and having done some building in southern NJ I'm concerned you are not following the rules. None of my business but in NJ they are good at catching and penalizing people for failure to get permits and inspections.

In your case a cape style attic is a pain to achieve the code required improvements. It can be done, but expensive.

One approach is to fill the rafter cavities with rigid closed cell spray foam. Being closed cell eliminates the moisture issues that fiberglass insulation creates and why it needs the ventilation.

First question, have you submitted a plan and received approval and related permits?

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