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Hey all - our basement drywall was just sanded so were ready for paint/trim. My question is in what order we should do it.

I'm using MDF for the trim. It will be brown. The walls will otherwise be off-white.

  • So should I cut and install and caulk all the moulding now? Then paint it brown - then come back and paint over any brown overpaint with the wall color? I'm worried that if there is brown overpaint or mistakes, it would take a few coats of the off-white to fix it up.
  • Or should I pre-paint the molding brown on sawhorses, install, caulk, then repaint/touch up nail holes and the caulk -then paint the walls?
  • Or should I totally paint the walls -then carefully install and paint the trim once it's up?
Given the dark/light contrasts between the paints - I'm thinking that might have something to do with the order this comes together.
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