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I'm looking for tips and suggestions on installing an outdoor outlet on my deck. The condo was built in 1964 and it is brick.
I've purchased the GFCI receptacle, the outdoor plastic cover box and an outlet box that is bronze metal.
It is attaching the bronze metal outlet box to the wall where I have questions. I'm curious about the pros/cons of going through the brick or mortar. I've read a few posts online and it seems that there are suggestions for both.
what type of anchors and screws should I use for the outlet box?

I really appreciate any info.


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bcatl;289305in said:
It is attaching the bronze metal outlet box to the wall where I have questions.....
  1. Is the Box single or double gang?
  2. Will the Box be surface mounted to the brick?
  3. Does the box have little mounting tabs on the sides?
  4. If not, is there room for mounting screws in the back of the box?
  5. Will the AC be run through the back or one of the four sides?

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I use 1/4" plastic anchors. I would try and drill thru the mortar joint to get thru the wall (easier) but not for the box anchors.

What I generally do is open the recep box I am coming from and drill out from there with a long 3/8" masonary bit. If it's a plastic box I will drill thru it, toward the top. I love plastic boxes.

If it's a metal box yo have to get a KO out in the back and drill thru there. A self tapping screw opposite the weld will allow you to grab it and pry it out into the box. You can also try to drill in, just above the box and try to fish the cable into an opening in the top of the box.

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Hole for the wire (use UF), through the mortar, fasten the box to the brick with Tapcons.
Where are you drawing power from? Getting from there to outside may be the biggest problem.
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