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Installing a new windows in cinder block foundation

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I would like to replace the windows in my basement. They are pretty big for a basement window measuring at 3’ x 2’. As best I can tell the framing is completely shot and I would like to replace everything. This is (or will be) a living space in the basement

I read this post here and have a couple questions
I do have a Ramset with the proper zinc coated nails for PT. Can I use a the Ramset for the frame directly into the cinder block or do I risk cracking the block? Right now I can’t remember the color but I have the 2nd ‘strongest’ loads for the ram set. Would I be better off screwing the PT to the block?

If it screwed is a pilot hole drilled first?

I plan on using PT for the framing but the top and bottom with be tight with the new framing…I have plenty of room side to side. I might have to use PT that’s like ¾” think (possibly decking) Is this OK or should I have the windows custom made and use 1 inch thick framing?

I see a couple references to sealing…what is use to seal the PT after it’s framed?

One more semi related question (so I don’t have to start a new thread)..I’ll be dry locking the walls and insulating with 1’ R-5 foam. I plan on ‘gluing’ the foams to the walls. Is there a problem using standard ‘foam glue’ to the painted dry locked wall?

As always..
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if there's a water issue, drylock won't solve anything & may hide any damage that's continuing :furious:
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