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Installing a new hose bib on the house

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I have a hose bib already but it's at an odd area. I will keep that one as it may still be handy, but I want to add another one. I bought one and it is a threaded fitting on the end. Is this a standard? How does this work, is there a special fitting I would put on the end of the pipe and I just screw it in with Teflon tape?

I think I will also bite the bullet and buy the proper pex crimper instead of using shark bites. :thumbup:

Also, any specific things I need to know when installing one of these? I'm guessing I should have it facing slightly downwards so water does not sit in it, and I just use hydrolic cement to fill the hole around it once it's done and a beed of caulk around just for looks (I noticed this stuff cracks in winter, so can't depend on it for a water seal). Sounds about right? This one also has a backflow preventer already.
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You'll want to anchor it somehow. Use spray foam the bib if you can't use screws.
Also, make sure the length of the faucet is correct. The actual shut off is located deep inside the faucet. When you shut it off the excess water drains out. Be sure its as long as your wall is thick so the shut off part is in heated space. (i'm assuming its a frost proof bib)
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