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Installing a Home Netwerks bathroom exhaust fan with remote switch?

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Hey all...So I'm trying to install a Home Netwerks Bluetooth bathroom exhaust fan in my basement bathroom and things are not working correctly.
For starters.....Originally when you turn the light on that would automatically turn the fan on....
This new fan comes with a remote switch that controls the fan operation and fan lights. So I need to wire it separately from the light switch.
The issue is....the light switch box only has 3 wires in it. Hot..neutral..ground.
Thats it.....
There is a ceiling light fixture that has 4 sets of wires coming into it...
And its wired like so.....
3 blacks together
3 whites together
4 grounds together
Black & white together (light switch)
The fan instructions say i need to have a separate Neutral wire to the fan switch.

The question is .....
If I'm to install this fan switch in the next to the light switch do I need to run a whole separate wire from the ceiling junction/light box? And if would I know how to wire the white to the proper Neutral wire??

Would i just wire the exhaust fan to the existing bundles in the junction/light box in the ceiling? Then for the fan switch wire it to the new wire ran?

This is what I've done so far and I'm feeling i didn't do something right because I have power to the works...
But the fan is not working nor is the fan lights and features...
I do have power to the fan, I ran my FLUKE continuity tester along the wires in the fan and it beeps and lights up.
I've also wired the fan up a few different ways trying things out....maybe I fried the fan already?
Please help and thank you šŸ˜Š
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