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I've just adding a GFCI outlet in the bath that'll be dedicated to only powering a 55w device, and the only way I could tap into the house wiring was by bridging it to another GFCI outlet already installed. So now I'm wondering if somehow the way I've connected it might have compromised it's shut off ability in the case of a short event. Asked the elec lady at HD and she wasn't entirely sure but suggested that each GFCI outlet needed to be installed directly to house electricity and not bridged one to another.

So what do ya think? If it turns out they each need a dedicated line I could just split the romex before it gets to the first GFCI and run each of the two new segments to the two outlets.

Also, I would have thought the first GFCI outlet would have had a screw or something to run the ground to the next outlet but it didn't. Should I just try to get both ground wires (incoming and outgoing) secured to the same post?

thanks for your help

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You don't need the second GFCI. Connect a new regular receptacle to the load terminals of the GFCI and it will be protected. Pigtail the grounds together with a single wire to the ground lug.
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