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Installing a drain for a new tub

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Installing a drain for a new tub on existing slab

I am installing a jetted tub in an existing bathroom. I have the water lines and electrical run to the tub deck area. What is needed to tie into the existing drain line. I have several to choose from. 1 shower drain ( the furthest away ) 1 sink drain ( the closest ) 2 seperate toilet drains ( 1 is much closer than the other). This is on an existing slab floor. I am aware of the concrete saw and the jack hammer that are necessary. This is an older home that I am remodeling. The existing plumbing is galvanized, the drains are cast iron. Is there a way to tie in the new drain going pvc to cast iron. If so what is the easiest way?
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I agree with bob with the fernco but some states do not allow them and you have to use a stainless steel no hub transition band designed especially for going from cast iron to pvc. I don't care for them especialy underground but I know in memphis we had to use them so check with your locals codes.
as far as to which drain to tie into I would tie into the one that is closest to the tub. less concrete busting the better but always a good idea to check on venting and pipe size (2 inch min.)

I agree this is your best option
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