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installing a bathroom fan

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hello there need some advise my bathroom do not have a fan and in the past had have some mold re painted the bathroom but reliaze this will not last long now my question do not have a switch in my bathroom have a pull switch light now there is a venting hole in the ceiling that vents through the roof can i cut a bigger hole and vent the fan through that pipe and also there is a gri plug in the bathroom with a 15 w breaker from the box can i put a double box and have a gfi plug and a switch that can turn on and off the fan and how do i do that thank you tony
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venting fan

thank you for the info the hole in the ceiling is connected to a 4 inch vent pipe that is round and vents right on top of the roof beside the chimney this should be ok right i sure you have come across them in older houses the hole is shape like a cone also we do not use a blow dryer in the bathroom the only thing the gfi plugs for is for a night light and for a vaccume thanks tony
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