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My husband and I are new homeowners/renovators. We will begin renovating our bathroom next week and we're stumped on the plumbing in the shower. We would like to install separate shower heads on opposite walls in the shower, but would like to know the best way to go about this. I understand there are many types of valves and controls like temperature, mixing valves and diverting valves, but like I said I'm new to this and was wondering if anyone had more information..

Can we have separate temperature/on/off controls for each shower head or would it be simpler to do one temperature control + a volume control for the separate shower head? How would the water pressue turn out?

What types of valves/controls/knobs do we need for this project to be the simplest and work the best?? We're starting from scratch and moving plumbing around, so we would be able to do just about anything.


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The cheapest and simplest would be two separate mixer valves--one for each shower head.

A mixer valve that can handle two shower heads requires 3/4 " feed lines and are much more expensive than two separate 1/2" feed mixers.

I suggest a 3/4" feed line for hot and cold from the meter and the water heater.

Let's see what one of the licensed plumbers has to say.
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