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After over a year of the wife asking me for porch downlighting, I figured what better time than now since I'm working from home and got most of my other projects out of the way? Did everything from A-Z, including cleaning up all the electrical that was done by the previous owners (surprised the house never burned down). All I have to do now is install the dimmer switch for them, that way they won't be so bright all the time. Oh, and I still have to move one light in toward the house 1/2" since I misjudged the drill marker for the hole saw. Easy fix. Outside of a installing a new chandelier, this is the biggest electrical/lighting project I've done to date.

Also, ignore the lack of landscaping... I decided to start tearing the yard apart last week, so it's 90% dirt at the moment.

Here are a couple pics.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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