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Installed pavers over cement board.

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I had someone remove my heavy pavers in my back yard and I power washed them. Got a shipment of cement boards, tape cement and hydrolic cement, drills etc.

We leveled the soil with a slop. It was really compacted from before. Added cement boards with drilled holes in it and taped the seams and cemented them. Installed my pavers on the cement boards. I did a hydrolic cement around the edges so it will not sink and water will run off of it. One year later still level and not very many weeds. I do need to remove them in some way though. I do not have a trip hazard and will not have to craw around pulling weeds. Getting to old for that. Happy with what was done. Do not know how long it will last but it is cement boards for bathrooms.
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Note: This was done over a year ago. I live in NYC area with many weather conditions. I did see this done on Bob Villa Sight. This is where I got the idea. I did think of this for some time before I pulled the trigger and had it done. Yes cement board is meant for bathroom shower walls. Yes when it is done I did have someone waterproof it. This patio is as level as when it was first installed. I could not say that for when my pavers was first installed and tampered with the heavy water roller, this patio became not level very fast. I also have only a few weeds now and the first time it was done directly in soil the spaces was constantly covered with weeds. No, It might not last but for me at my age O-K. I will trip less with this deck and it feels very supportive. I do not have to crawl around and pull weeds all summer long. I do recommend this still. You do need to put hydrolic cement around the patio so if you have a lot of water coming off the pavers/cement board it will not remove the soil around the cement board and tilt and sink the board and pavers. I am also wondering how long it will last. Like I said at my age it will probably be good. I did look for people reporting on how long it will last. If it doesn't I will try to remember to let you know how long it lasted.
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