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Installed pavers over cement board.

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I had someone remove my heavy pavers in my back yard and I power washed them. Got a shipment of cement boards, tape cement and hydrolic cement, drills etc.

We leveled the soil with a slop. It was really compacted from before. Added cement boards with drilled holes in it and taped the seams and cemented them. Installed my pavers on the cement boards. I did a hydrolic cement around the edges so it will not sink and water will run off of it. One year later still level and not very many weeds. I do need to remove them in some way though. I do not have a trip hazard and will not have to craw around pulling weeds. Getting to old for that. Happy with what was done. Do not know how long it will last but it is cement boards for bathrooms.
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you WHAT ??? i'm tempted to call this a bonehead idea but that would be insulting so i won't,,, whatever possessed someone to think this method credible OR permanent ? hope it was the guy at the big box store
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