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Installed a new Moen Diverter and now have leaks at athe hot and cold screw joints

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Hi All

Please dont laugh but I really am new to DIY plumbing. I thought today I had this whole installation thing down to a tee. Good solder joints, no issue ,no leaks. However I think I made mistake 101 as I never put any teflon tape on the screw joints as I thought soldering would just melt it. I never knew about plumbers dope either.

So the question is I have a slow leak. Is there anything I can do to the screw joing to fix this or does it mean I need to cut it all out and restart from scratch.

If I have to start again do I use teflon tape and plumber dope on the screw joints and will the heat damage it when I solder.

Any advise for a stupid DIY user who is feeling bad that the family has water tonight.

Help please Alan.
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Most of these valves have sockets for solder joints. I would remove the threaded fittings and the internals of the valve and solder them.
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