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Hi, I wonder if I may get can an answer to a simple question regarding Thermal Cable Installation? The more I research on the installation procedure the more my hubby and I get mix info on. Hubby is leaning on installing the heated cable on top on the Ditra as to where I've read to installingthe cable under the Ditra.

We are putting down porcelain tiles in a bath/laundry room and we are just waiting on the Thermal cable kit without the mat to be shipped. We have self leveling cement, grout, porcelain tiles to cover the area need to be tiled.

The bathroom floor is on the second level of my home and is a wooden subfloor. What I have concluded is to tack the Cable to the floor then pour the self leveling cement over the cable. Followed by a layer of thin-set for the Ditra then another layer of thin-set on top of the Ditra for the tiles.

Hubby is convinced the Ditra in set on the subfloor 1st before adding the thermal cable. Any help is appreciated on our Bath Reno.

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