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Installation of joist hangers

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Hi there,

I am installing 2 large joists (50 x 225mm) to support loft space in a garage for storage. These are going under the existing smaller joists running perpendicular to meet building regulations.

I have looked through the numbers of joist hangers that I need to buy but most have an overhang that sits on top of the breeze block (or in the wall ...fine if I was building the wall and cementing more blocks on top!)

My question is, as both walls are already built, how do I install the hangers - do I need to cut into the wall and post the overhang bit of the joist hanger into the wall to sit flush? ...and anyway I would not beable to install the beam without putting these on the ends anyway?

My only thinkable solution is to buy flush joist hangers like the 'BAT maxi speedy joist hangers', put them on the ends of the joist, raise them into position and drill and raw bolt them into the wall.

Would this be ok? All advise greatly appreciated!! :)
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Angus, No you can not bolt the hangers on unless that is how they are engineered to be installed. I would recommend you consult with a Representative from one of the fastener companies. They will be familiar with their product line and most likely the company already has a hanger for that situation. If not they will be able design one for you if you supply some additional information. What ever you end up doing make sure you follow the manufactures installation instructions when installing the hangers. The most common reason for fastener failure is improper installation techniques.
Will one of these work?
Or the one you mentioned I believe can also be used for masonry installations.

I would do exactly as you said, prop the beam in place and install the hangers around the beam.
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