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Install two sconces and one switch

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I want to install two sconces in my upstairs media room and add a on/off switch to control them.

I can get power from one of the two outlets on the same wall that I want to mount the sconces.

I have access behind this wall - it is a crawl space and is tight but I can get in there. The main thing I want to know is how to hook up the wiring.

I want the outlet that I get power from to always be hot - not switched like the sconces.

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run 12-2 w/g from your existing hot plug to the new switch. if only one wire is in this box add the new wire and attach it to the plug the same as the existing wire. if there are two wires already in the box you can splice all three together with a short jumper to the existing plug. all whites together. all blacks together, all grounds together. this makes everything hot and carries a hot wire to the switch. in the switchbox you will have the incoming line from the plug and a new wire to the first light. the black from each wire goes to the terminals on the single pole switch. tie the whites together as the nuetral is just passing through. tie the grounds together the same but add a jumper to the green screw on the switch. at the first light tie the respective colors to the light fixture and add a second wire heading to the second light. tie the respective colors together and you have it.
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