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Hi there.

Looking for professional advice regarding installing a steam humidifer (Honeywell TrueSteam HM512VPIAQ).

Gas furnace with heat pump - dual energy.

On my vertical furnace duct, I have 27 inches of clearance between the top of the A-coil and the top wall.

-The installation manual says "ensure proper clearances from A-coil"

What are the proper clearances? Does it just mean to make sure to not fire the steam into the A-coil, or is there a certain distance above it that I need to be?

-The manual also says "minimum 24 inches from downstream open duct air space (needed to prevent condensation)"

So is it safe to say that I can install the nozzle at 3 inches over the A coil and 24 inches below the top wall?

Obviously, I don't want condensation to cause water to pool in my furnace (probably ruining it...)

Advice please!
Thank you.

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It really has to do with the proper amount of airflow in cfms to carry the steam away and you must follow the install info EXACTLY so the steam does not hit the duct and condense. You are going to likely need the RO reverse osmosis water filter kit they sell for it as well as they have had a lot of problems with scale buildup and failures. Do you REALLY need that amount of humidity? A bypass unit may do all you need and Honeywell has a 12 gal/day and a larger 17gal/day TrueEase bypass model now.
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