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I am Ryan, new to the forum. I have a question and hopeful someone has experienced this before, I have a setup for a sewage ejector pump that does not seem to be installed correctly.

I purchased a new home in Washington state which has a septic ejector pump in the crawlspace. The ejector pump is powered through a dedicated 20a outlet in a hall closet, and the wiring is ran through an open hole in the floor. Three wires go through the floor, (1) 120v to the Pump, (1) 120v float switch, and (1) low voltage high level switch.

So far I only mentioned to the builder there isn't any firestop. They told me if they added firestop then I would not be able to service the pump.

What seems wrong to me:
  • 120v shouldn't go through the floor. An outlet should be available in the crawlspace for the ejector pump and no open hole in a floor to the crawlspace.
  • I'm not certain the low voltage should be ran through the floor either but at least if only the low voltage switch was through the floor I could add firestop.

I'm trying to find any code violations to go back to the builder and ask for it to be repaired, I feel at this point unless I can point to a clear violation I will get the run around. My main concerns are hole in the floor = rodents in the home and running wires seems a bit unsafe and just a way to cut corners a bit on the install.

Maybe I am wrong.


Ryan F.


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