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Install Electrical in brick

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I'm not new to electrical however I've never done what I'm trying to do. In our newly renovated basement I want to put an accent wall of full size brick. How do I install the outlets and switches if I don't want anything surface mounted? I am a very visual kind of guy so if you have some web sites or pictures I would appreciate it.

Thanks All ahead of time!

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Use masonry boxes for your receptacles and switches. Run your conduit in your brick up to the too of your wall. Will there be a dropped ceiling?
Lefte said:
I am thinking I'll run the cavle through the stud wall to the box, with an extender to make the 3 inch wide brick. I am putting a drop ceiling on one side and drywall on the other.

Thanks everyone..

If you use conduit, run it inside the brick and to a 90degree bend at the top of your wall so your EMT stub ends up in your dropped ceiling side
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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