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Install Electrical in brick

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I'm not new to electrical however I've never done what I'm trying to do. In our newly renovated basement I want to put an accent wall of full size brick. How do I install the outlets and switches if I don't want anything surface mounted? I am a very visual kind of guy so if you have some web sites or pictures I would appreciate it.

Thanks All ahead of time!

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We renovated the entire basement. Actually removed the old brick basement and put in wood. I kept the brick to make it remain part of the house once we got to that point in the project. So yes SDSESTER, we are using full size chicago brick from circa 1890. Of course I have much more than I will ever need. What to do with the rest I wonder...

So it's an inside brick accent wall using full size brick. I'm starting to rouch in the wiring and want to have the right boxes and such in place.

I have the site photos here if you care to look:

I am thinking I'll run the cable through the stud wall to the box, with an extender to make the 3 inch wide brick. I am putting a drop ceiling on one side and drywall on the other.

Thanks everyone..

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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