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Inspection/Cleanout/Test question

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I am going to test my ABS plumbing with water soon. My next step is connecting the new system with the existing. I'd like to attach the 3" to the existing 3" with a cleanout but I'm not exactly sure what the best method is for that.

The connection point will be in the crawl space and running horizontally. I will want to use the cleanout to insert a test balloon. What the best way to install this? Should I use a 3" T with a screw in cleanout? If the system is filled with water, how do you release the balloon and not soak yourself?

Thanks for any constructive help.
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Easiest would be to use the 3" test T. Your plumbing supply house will have a test plug that you can screw into it and the balloon hangs down into the pipe. When you want to take it out, you can let the air out, then I'd still slowly unscrew it. I did that and even after I pulled it completely out i didn't get any water on me. I can't find the one I have online to reference, but it was about $30 with tax.

edit: The link above is what i was referencing.
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