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Hi, I recently purchased a home originally built in 1920. While painting today I noticed an issue with the paint in one of the rooms. My question is twofold:
1. Any ideas why paint would chip off the wall in giant pieces? It seems almost like I could chisel away a lot of the paint, if not all of it!
2. In this same room, there is a steam pipe going up the corner, the inspector made it seem like it was no longer in use, and I would like to remove it, any reasons why it would be there?
The house is in ma, two floors with basement/attic, the room is on 2nd floor. I had read briefly here that if the attic had poor ventilation it could cause trouble, we are getting that rectified in ~2 weeks when the roof is redone. In any event this is my first home, any help would be extremely useful, let me know if you need anymore info.
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