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Infrared Thermometer - is the Dewalt 12V necesary?

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I am going to be starting a project to find air leaks and air seal, then insulate my attic (and air seal other areas of the house). I understand having an infrared thermometer can help a bunch to find hot or cold areas that may be a bit harder to get to.

I already own an inexpensive Ryobi infrared thermometer that seems to do the job (simple pull the trigger, laser shoots out and measures the surface temp at whatever it's pointed at). I also own a Dewalt 12V Max screw gun and was looking at the other 12V Max tools that are available and saw the infrared thermometer - Dewalt DCT414S1

In reading through the specs and a couple reviews it seems to have some pretty cool features - the one I thought would be interesting for my project is the ability to change the emissivity. In case you are like me and did not know what Emissivity is until I read about it, here is an explanation tht I read

"Emissivity describes the energy-emitting characteristics of materials. Most organic materials and painted or oxidized surfaces have an emissivity of about 0.95 which is the default setting."

I found one for $120 and it includes the battery and charger so not only would I be getting the infrared thermometer but also a second charger and an extra battery to use with my screw gun (and other 12V Max tools I am sure I will end up with)

My question is whether it is worth paying the money to get the extra features (there are some others besides begin abel to change the emissivity) or is my Ryobi "pull the trigger and measure the temp" infrared thermometer good enough to handle a project to air seal my house?

Here is a link to a decent review of the thermometer
Dewalt DCT414S1 review

Thanks in advance for any info and opinions

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