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Inexpensive but sturdy banquet tables?

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I want to build 2 banquet tables. I want to have scanner, printer, 2 monitors, 2 speakers, audio keyboard, etc as I do music production and graphic design.

I am thinking I'll need a 4x8 piece of plywood and 2 pair of table legs. Since my room is not very large I think I'll make one 2x6 table and one 2x8 table. Any suggestions on type of wood, thickness, table leg type.

I've looked at these legs:

Any advice for keeping the tables cheap but still having that sturdy quality you expect from banquet tables? Thanks in advance and nice place you got here!
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A birch or luan ply would work. Add a solid wood edging around the perimeter to cap the ply edges and you should be fine.
A pair of two drawer file cabinets with a hollow core door on top makes a good desk, with plenty of drawer space; just something to consider.
If you're considering the folding legs from Lowes, I would get a 2/0 x 6/6 flush Luan door and mount the legs to it.

Quick, cheap and easy.
Outside the box ideas:

You might be able to just buy a tabletop (or table) from Ikea for the cost of your materials. They always have tabletops in their clearance cash-n-carry section that can be had for a couple bucks.

Laminate countertop off-the-rack from your local box store, or a clearance store (like HOBO, if you have one). I think the last 6' section I bought (for my garage) was like $10.
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