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Inexpensive but nice countertop for basement?

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I am putting a 2'6" x 6'6" peninsula in my finished basement as a way to divide the space (between family/TV room and playroom) and to provide a place that's not the couch to have snacks, etc... It can also double as a "bar" for the adults as it will have a good view of the TV for Sunday football. I thought about trying to find a granite remnant but from what I've seen they're still way too expensive. I'd like something around $8-10 a square foot. Any suggestions?
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I'd try the granite places again. No two slabs are identical, so when there are smaller pieces left over from a job that aren't enough to do a full kitchen, they're sold at a much lower price because they don't match any other slab.

Our kitchen doesn't have a large amount of counter space, so we were actually able to do the whole thing with another job's leftovers. We saved a bundle.
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