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In yard "power post" - suggestions?

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I am looking to install a post with 120V power outlets on it - in my yard. This will power a water fountain, two low voltage lighting transformers, and the occational power yard tool.

I understand the trenching and electric connection from a nearby building to the post - that's not where I am looking for info/suggestions - rather it's the actual outlets on the post itself. Here is what I am thinking, please toss out your thoughts and suggestions.

  • 4x4 treated post - 2' in the ground, 2' out of the ground - set in concrete.
  • Conduit exits the ground and goes up the post to outdoor single box #1 with duplex recept, then another short piece of conduit to outdoor single box #2 containing a dusk to down photo sensor, and yet another short piece of conduit to box #3 contain a duplex recept (switched by the photo sensor)
  • Each outdoor single box with duplex recept has a in-use weather cover
  • The low voltage lighting transformers are attached to the 4x4 post and plug into the photo sensor switched recepts - the fountain and the occational yard tool plug into the other (unswitched) recepts
Is there a better or differing way other than the multiple single boxes, recepts, and weather covers?

In-use recept cover such as this:

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These are a really nice and easy solution:

If you want to have one receptacle controlled by a light sensor and another hot all the time, I'd suggest splitting a single duplex receptacle so only the top half is controlled by the sensor. Just drill a hole and install the sensor through the top or side of the post, install a WR receptacle and in-use cover, and wire appropriately.
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