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In yard "power post" - suggestions?

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I am looking to install a post with 120V power outlets on it - in my yard. This will power a water fountain, two low voltage lighting transformers, and the occational power yard tool.

I understand the trenching and electric connection from a nearby building to the post - that's not where I am looking for info/suggestions - rather it's the actual outlets on the post itself. Here is what I am thinking, please toss out your thoughts and suggestions.

  • 4x4 treated post - 2' in the ground, 2' out of the ground - set in concrete.
  • Conduit exits the ground and goes up the post to outdoor single box #1 with duplex recept, then another short piece of conduit to outdoor single box #2 containing a dusk to down photo sensor, and yet another short piece of conduit to box #3 contain a duplex recept (switched by the photo sensor)
  • Each outdoor single box with duplex recept has a in-use weather cover
  • The low voltage lighting transformers are attached to the 4x4 post and plug into the photo sensor switched recepts - the fountain and the occational yard tool plug into the other (unswitched) recepts
Is there a better or differing way other than the multiple single boxes, recepts, and weather covers?

In-use recept cover such as this:

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WillK said:
Assuming you're on 2008 NEC, your receptacles will need to be weather-resistant. These will have a WR on them. This includes the first one which must be a WR GFCI.

If not yet on 2008, the GFCI is still required. And I'm pretty sure the in-use weather cover is required by any code edition as well.
GFCI will be provided upstream before it exits the nearby building. Yes, WR recepts are the plan. Thanks.
mpoulton said:
These are a really nice and easy solution:

If you want to have one receptacle controlled by a light sensor and another hot all the time, I'd suggest splitting a single duplex receptacle so only the top half is controlled by the sensor. Just drill a hole and install the sensor through the top or side of the post, install a WR receptacle and in-use cover, and wire appropriately.
Interesting option. Thanks!
Finished the project today. Used a double box holding two duplex recepts rather than two single boxe, with a in-use weather cover - one of the duplex recepts with photo control. All mounted on a short 4x4 treated post set in contrete, with a copper topper. Works good, looks good.

Thanks all for the help and suggestions.
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