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In-Sink-erator Disposal with push button switch

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I have an In-Sink-erator Disposal with push button switch on the counter top, not on the side of the cabinet. You push the botton an it comes on. You push it again and it turns off. The connection under the sink is to an In-Sink-Erator junction box. If this switch fails, can I cut the wire to the push button and install a regular switch on the front side of my cabinet? I will fill the hole with a cock hole cover. Just wondering if there are special wiring for a push button as opposed to a regular toggle switch? TIA for your help.
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Not if it uses air to trigger the switch. You would have to remove the connection to the bottom of the disposal and run the switch to that point with AC or MX, not Romex, if you plan on placing the switch inside the cabinet.

If going into the wall, it will be a bear with the vent and not knowing what is behind the wall. Having the switch inside the cabinet by the door, makes sure that no one turns it on, thinking that it is a light. Plus if you have kids in the house, you can also make the doors lockable to keep them from opening it up and turning the unit on.
Thanks Gregzoll, excelent advice, as usual.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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