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I found this site, by doing a Google search for DIY home repair.
Back in September 2010, we were hit by a hail storm that damaged our home.
I live in a mobile home, that I own.
I have vinyl siding, and one side of my home was severely damaged.
It looks like someone took a baseball bat to it.
Also, one double-paned window was broken in several places, so needs replaced.
The light fixture was obliterated, so it also needs replaced.
Though I cannot see it visually, I have been told the roof was severely damaged, and needs replaced, as well.

The problem is, I didn't realize what my home insurance covered or what little it would help, monetarily with repair costs.

The insurance adjustment was minus $1,000 deductible, and minus 30% for depreciation value.

Meaning the insurance adjuster estimated it would cost $5,500 for the repairs, yet we were only given $3,000 for the repairs. That's, at least, $2,500 I have to come up with to pay for the repairs, out of my own pocket.
I don't have $2,500 for the needed repairs.

My wife and I are both retired, due to medical disabilities, therefore we are on a fixed income. I have Multiple Sclerosis, so I'm very limited on what I can attempt to do myself.

The estimates we have received, just for the roof replacement, is in the $4,000 range, we were only given $3,000 to cover all the repairs.

Is it possible for me to "attempt" to replace the vinyl siding myself, is it very difficult?

Is it possible for me to "attempt" to replace my own (shingle) roof myself?
Should I just put a second layer of shingles on or remove the shingles and put all new shingles on?

I have owned my home for almost 10 years, and have never had a storm damage my home before, so this is all new to me.

I was hoping this forum, could give me some ideas, on what to do.


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Welcome to the forum. I am pretty new here also. I understand your issues with
storm damage. If you can afford anything it should be to replace the roof. The rest of the place will go south without a good roof.
The siding can be put on slower and no rush. You know more about your physical capabilities then anyone. I am 65 years old myself. I pressure cleaned my roof today. Still got more to do. I know what I can do and can't do and I am sure your the same. One thing about being retired is we don't have time clocks to work by. Here is something I do all the time. If I have a big project. I first figure out how I am going to do all the things that normally takes several people. Once I figure those out then I go ahead and do the project.
Sometimes you can find help from your neighbors for small things.

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