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I'm half way there! :)

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So, I have a 6-50 receptacle in my garage and would like to wire a double-oven to powder coat. I was given this oven for free and was told both top and bottom ovens work great. This unit was hardwired inside a house and does not come with a plug, hence my problem.

The oven has 4 wires (red, black, green, bare) and the r-60 plug I bough only has 3 terminals. I wired both hots on the left and right and the bare copper on top and left the neutral capped off and inside the housing to prevent exposure.

The result is only half of the oven works. The bottom oven has a turn knob to power it on and it works great. The problem is with the top oven has a digital display and it wont even turn on so I can control the oven.

Does the neutral need to be connected for the digital display to come on? Did I buy the wrong plug or do I need to twist the neutral and ground together? I was told that my neutral and ground were on the same jumper on my 35 year old panel.

Any ideas?* Thanks!
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You need a neutral in order for all the oven to operate completely. The plug you bought needs to be exchanged for a 4 prong plug to match the receptacle/
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