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Well 11 years ago, I posted this project.

This was about the time of my 40th birthday. One of the comments was, what do you plan to do for your 50th?
Well 50 is here. Ive since divorced, sold that house, rehabbed another, lost my job of 32 years due to a buyout..ughhh

I got a new job 3hrs north. I bought this plain 2 bedroom ranch, with nasty carpet, and outdated kitchen for $54,000
Yanked out the carpet, found an online auction with flooring. I was high bid on a couple lots of red oak, and a lot of white oak.
The white oak was cheap, $330 for 450 sq ft. When I picked it up I found out why.
It was good quality just short pieces.. all 18" or less.
I decided to see how it looks in a bedroom... I LOVE IT. Installation was not bad, its the 1st time I used white oak. it sanded,stained and finished nice.

The red oak was select/better normal lengths. I installed the living room and dining room with it so far.

The kitchen will be done with red oak. the second bedroom and hallway will be done with the white oak shorties.
Overall not a bad deal.. I got enough to do the whole house for about $1500

I miss my ex for helping with the finish work, but life goes on


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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