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oh yes.. i know IKEA. after 10 years, i am finally able to start phasing out that stuff from my house. i won't bore you with the details, but just skip to the chase.

if you are shopping for chipboard & melemine cabinet doors for kitchen, IKEA has really good selection and prices. i wouldn't worry too much about quality because cabinet doors tend to last forever, even the the 80's style ones that i have (also chipboard/melemine). with new melemine paints available now you can also paint pretty easy (though do your homework, you need to do a fantastic job as cabinets are high visiblity.. maybe spray paint is the only way?).

as for appliance.. IKEA is purchasing from someone else and just re-badging. i do not recognize the shape & model of their appliances so i can't say who REALLY manufacturers their appliances.. but from the look of them, it is definaly low quality build, perhaps china?

when it comes to appliance, there are LOTS of better quality stuff out there for $100 more. you can get 10% lower prices gauranteed from Homedepot (they beat all compedators) and then you can get an aditional 10% off when you sign up for their credit card (and then never use it again after that). then, you can save another $50 by rending the van and appliance mover and just bringing the stuff home yourself.

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