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IKEA Butcher Block

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We are installing an IKEA butcher block and we started sanding the top coat off so we could put our own sealer on - we noticed one spot that actually looks like a veneer is coming up. Any solutions to glue this down/fill w wood filler/solidify before sealer goes on??
You can feel this 3/4"square spot lifting when you press on it and we don't want it to wear over time after we seal it


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Its does not appear to be a veneer. It looks more like they cut that section incorrectly when it was being milled or there was a defect in the wood already.

Easiest thing to do would be to fill that area with a good epoxy wood filler and then sand it down. That will bond that area and deter further lift and the stain/sealer will take to it like wood.
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That's not veneer, the guy above gives good advice :)
Thanks so much for the reply. We looked for "epoxy" wood filler and could only find regular wood filler. Called Lee Valley and they said they have a 2-part substance that might work -- mix the two parts together and make a putty.
I'm hesitant just because I want it to match the Colour of the existing wood and absorb the sealer in the same fashion.
Any brand names you could recommend? And/or stores I can check out?
Why can't you just return it and get another one?

That's called "checking" btw and occurs naturally in wood sometimes. It's nobody's fault but it has no place in the butcher block they sold you.
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Didn't know the formal term. Just Googled some pictures and never knew that is what it was called.

Learn something new everyday.
You can sand checks until the end of time and get nowhere. It's (I think) a failure of the natural bond of growth rings.
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