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If anyone has faux stone on their foundation.. remove it!

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I bought a home with faux stone on my foundation. I was going to fix it since the previous owner rammed it with his car and broke some.

After poking around, I noticed it would be a way better idea to just rip it all off.

We had been having a lot of trouble with ants in the front rooms.

When I started ripping off the fiberglas stone, all the wood behind it was either rotten, covered in ants, a stalking grounds for HUGE spiders, it was just nasty nasty nasty.

Not good to have that much wood so close to the ground, and right up on your house.

I feel sooooo much better with it gone.

So this is for anyone out there that has the same stuff!! Get it off!!!
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sounds more like someone installed it wrong..... fiberglass faux stone? all i've seen installed around here is stone vineer which is concrete basically, never seen fiberglass... is it hallow or something? the stuff they put on houses here is solid and they put it onto a mesh that is covered in grout basically
Wood was nailed into the foundation ( :mad: ) and then the fiberglass panels are nailed onto the wood slats. what a terrible idea!

Now I am afraid to yank the nails, I think I will just take them off with a grinder instead?

yuck, they should have gone with stone veneer... would have gone right onto the block with no furring... just mudded on
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yuck, they should of went with stone veneer... would of went right onto the block with no furring... just mudded on

if you yank them out you could fracture the block more and put a larger dent into it... just use a grinder and cut them to block level then maybe seal them with something to prevent rust
those guys got paid & they're gone :laughing: either it was the h/o OR some other ignoramus - then again, it could be a one-off material but i've never seen that stuff
after researching it myself out of curiosity that stuff is meant for indoor use only! so for it to be outside was wrong to start with :laughing:
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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