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If anyone has faux stone on their foundation.. remove it!

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I bought a home with faux stone on my foundation. I was going to fix it since the previous owner rammed it with his car and broke some.

After poking around, I noticed it would be a way better idea to just rip it all off.

We had been having a lot of trouble with ants in the front rooms.

When I started ripping off the fiberglas stone, all the wood behind it was either rotten, covered in ants, a stalking grounds for HUGE spiders, it was just nasty nasty nasty.

Not good to have that much wood so close to the ground, and right up on your house.

I feel sooooo much better with it gone.

So this is for anyone out there that has the same stuff!! Get it off!!!
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those guys got paid & they're gone :laughing: either it was the h/o OR some other ignoramus - then again, it could be a one-off material but i've never seen that stuff
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