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Identifying existing flooring tiles?

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We pulled up the carpet in a bedroom, planning to redo the floor with some very cheap (33c/sqft) stick on vinyl tiles. They aren't fantastic quality, but we did another bedroom with them, and were very happy with the results.
Under the carpet, we found tiles! They seem to be some kind of adhesive tile.. not sure if they're lino or vinyl? Concerned about asbestos?
The carpet underlay was very stuck, and has left black marks/stains on the floor. Can we restore the floor? Can we just stick the new vinyl tiles on top? How would we prep it to do so? Can we remove the tiles (without dying of asbestos-inhalation)?
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So, if it does contain asbestos, just cleaning/restoring the floor (or, if possible, installing new tile on top) shouldn't be a health concern, right? Tearing it up, would be?
The old black adhesives were petroleum-based and I'm sure have stained the tile. I'm thinking you'll never get those stains out. Shouldn't matter if it is vinyl or linoleum. You should be able to apply the new tiles directly to what's there.:) No particular preparation should be necessary as long as the surface is flat and dry and clean.:)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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