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Identify Ceiling Grids

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We have a basement room with a dropped ceiling made of 2X4 grids. I want to put in new 2X2 tiles in that room. The existing grid is in fine shape and does not need to be replaced. I'm having trouble getting 2 ft Tees for it. The existing Tees have an approximate 1 inch tongue that is bent at 90 degrees from the length of the Tee that slides into a pair of raised grooves in the companion Tee. Most of the Tees I have tried fit into a slot in the companion Tee. There are no slots in my grid. Bending the ends of those Tees does not work, resulting in the new Tee being as much as 1/8 inch lower than the rest of the grid work.

Ideas on the brand of grid I have or what to get for the 2 ft Tees?
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In all the years I have been doing this stuff (over 40) I don't think I have ever come across two grids installs that were the same manufacturer. (at least it seems that way) Hard to say what manufacturer it would be. Sometimes the name is on the main tracks but no guarantees on that.
They make 2 x 4 tiles that look like 2 x 2 Maybe use those? Cheapest way. I like 2 x 2 also. Much nicer looking, less industrial.
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