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We are wrapping up a kitchen remodel and have decided to expose the chimney. On the right side, there is a large hole in the chimney at countertop level approx. 2 feet tall be a foot or so wide.

We need to cover it up and need some ideas on how to make it look nice and not like we're just trying to cover a hole.

We tried putting a piece of soapstone (countertop) to cover it up. It didn't look right and wasn't deep enough to cover the crack where the counter meets the chimney. To make it deeper, we tried drywalling over top of the soapstone with the intention of continuing the backsplash and adding a small shelf to the top of it. However, it still didn't look good once the drywall was in place and it actually split open after trying to fill the void with some expanding foam to increase the insulation value.

Ideas? Also, the soapstone was glued with construction adhesive - any advice for removing the soapstone from the chimney?

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Rebrick the hole? A trip to a local architectural salvage yard might get you some of the same brick.

Removing the soap stone---You will probably end up smashing it and chiseling off the pieces.

"Antique " tin flue covers are still being made--round tin covers for the old round holes in the upper section.
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