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There used to be wallpaper along the bottom of this wall with wall paneling on top. Should I install wainscoting? I feel like if I do it's going to bulge out and be an eyesore, plus I would have to retrim everything I think (to match the thickness). The thickness or the trim is pretty small.

Other options are paint or wallpaper. If I paint,
- Should I paint both the top and bottom white/neutral?
- Do I need to use an oil-based primer, since I know wood leaks yellow?

Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas? Have never worked with wainscoting before fyi.

Thanks for your response,


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I can see some of Joe's concerns. It appears that there is a potential moisture issue as it looks like some water has wicked it's way up through the wainscoting and left some staining. If that's under control, yes, you can paint that lower half. Prime with an oil-based stain blocking primer like Zinsser's Cover Stain to lock those tannins into the wood. Then paint it any color you like. The chair rail could be painted or left as it is. Believe it or not that lower half wall could turn out really nice with some paint to complement the wood above.
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