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"Coach Dave" here and I thought I'd offer a little assistance to get you the results your looking for.

What you’ll need:

Pavers (there are many to choose from)
Paver base (the gravel base under the pavers)
Paver sand (goes in between close fitting pavers)
Tape measure (useful always)
Shovel (always buy the best you can afford)
Safety gloves (a must have to avoid blisters and splinters)
Tamper (if you have a large area The Home Depot rents gravel compactors)
Level (if your doing an uneven area)

Push broom or garden hose
Paver edging (for walkways)

Measure the space you want to pave. Remember, length times the width is your total square footage. The square footage determines how many pavers you’ll need.

1) You will need a base of paver gravel about 4 inches deep. You will need about 16 bags for the recommended 4 inches depth for every 20 square feet.

2) Choose your paver type. They come in a variety of colors and styles. A word of advice: always buy more pavers/bricks than you need. You never know if plans will change and having some around will assure you can replace damaged ones with the same color.

3) Next, prepare the area by digging out any unwanted vegetation and debris. Clear out about 4 to 6 inches of soil to make room for the base and pavers.

4) Now put down the paver base about 4 inches deep, and level it with a tamper. If you don’t have a tamper, you can even out the surface by watering with a garden hose.

5) You’re almost done! Install your pavers by positioning them to your plan. If you decide on a specific pattern make sure to use the measuring tape to keep your design consistent.

6) When you have your pavers done, you can put down edging if you have a walkway design. The final step is to spread a shallow layer of sand over the pavers and work it in between each paver with a push broom or water it in with a garden hose.

That's your time to have some fun in the yard.

Happy Gardening,
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