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As the other poster says, what area do you live in?

I live in New England, and I hate pavers/brick walkways. I've never seen one situation they remained level for more than about 5 years even done professionally and installed meticulously. Probably frost heaves is the problem. Then when you're out there in winter with the snow blower all the popped up pavers and uneveness causes it to do an awful job and constantly jam/hang on popped up pavers/brick. They're also especially susceptible to roots making them unlevel and those trees you got will probably do wonders to make that happen.

The only type of walkway I have seen that remains level and looks great the longest is cement. It won't remain perfectly level forever, after 50 years the cement walkways here typically are popped up/down a half inch and the snow blower hangs on them but at least it's only every 8 feet instead of 8 inches, and typically the uneveness is spread over the 8' instead of just over the small pavers and they typically stay level for a decade or two. You can stain cement.

I would make it wider than you think, ours is 4 feet wide and I get a lot of compliments. Our plants have grown in a little around the edges and there's still plenty of room for 2 people. I would probably do 3 feet wide if I could go back since we have a ranch, a 4' wide walkway looks a little too wide for our house.

Nothing is perfect, with cement in winter you can't use salt, sand is fine. Salt causes the surface to chip & flake and as I understand it's not actually the salt but rather the physics involved so even "non-salt" green alternatives would be just as destructive to cement. Sand there's no issues.
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