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Hey all,

This is actually for my basement. We have an 11.5 foot wide wall where we want to put granite counters and cabinets. But we don't really want 11.5 feet of cabinets. So I'm thinking on the left half (about 6 feet or so), we might do something standard like cabinets at cabinet height with granite then cabinets above. Then for the right half, we'd raise the counter up to bar height and have nothing under it and put barstools there and pendant lights above.

So my questions:

1. Anyone done anything remotely like this can care to share photos?

2. Remember this is against a wall. For the bar-height counter with barstools - I'm not sure how to support the granite. Perhaps granite has to sit on cabinets because it's so heavy? It could be that we go with a standard 5-foot cabinet on the left for the counter-height side. That leaves about 7.5 feet on the right for a slab of granite to be the bar height. I figure where it's near the other counter-height side, I could put some sort of decorative posts to support it up X inches. The wall behind is studded, so I'd run some support across. Then then I'd need some kind of leg or support on the far right to support the granite. The floor is cement and may or may not be tiled by the time I get to this project.

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