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Ideas for attaching markerboard to table

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I'm making a small art table for my daughter. It is only 19" by 39" and I decided instead of using a wood product I would match this table with one her older sister has which is whiteboard marker board material that is 3/16" think, so it's light and strong enough. Now I'm trying to find the best way to attach this to the table top. I have the legs and frame already joined and was thinking either some kind of adhesive or corner molding. The other table has a routed edge on the inside, but then I have to cut this marker board with all the corners. I'm not comfortable enough yet to take that on. Any help I'd greatly appreciate it.
The frame is made up of Select Pine 1x3 and the legs are 2x2 Poplar. I used 2 pocket holes on each 1x3 to join each leg. Feels strong enough. I have pictures, but I don't see a way to post them here.
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might want to add some ribs to the structure to help the middle hold its weight. 3/16" is not thick and will sag at the middle point. maybe even drop in a thicker piece of ply flush to the top and then skin it with the white
there is a tiny 1/2" by 1/2" outside corner that could trim out the top edges and keep stuff from sliding off the table as well. It would be neat if you could add a hinge and pivot so the table could be lifted on an angle from one side and propped up on the angle :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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