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Ice maker drain, or lack thereof

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I want to put a ice machine in my kitchen. I'm thinking a manitowoc SM50 under counter. I'll have to alter my cabinets but that is doable. What I dont know about is how to run a drain from the ice machine. I dont have a floor drain so I'll have to use a condensation pump to pump from the ice maker.

My kitchen sink is about 6 feet away and much of the plumbing is exposed before going into the wall. The P trap runs into a waste line with about a foot and a half of waste line exposed. There is also a stubbed out PVC cleanout visible. Could I run the drain hose from the ice maker to the cleanout or some such?

My water supply would come from the same source as my refrigerator, would that be a problem?

Thanks for any help.
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Try using a stainless steel saddle valve.

Run the drain line from your ice maker to the sink cabinet and hook-in before the P trap (between the sink and P trap), that way your ice maker and ice won't smell like sewage. Clean outs are not a good spot for drains, and they aren't before the trap.
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Ice makers of that type should not be tied directly to a drain they should have an air gap because if the drain ever backs up it will go back into the ice bin and contaminate the ice in the storage bin. Use the condensate pump with the drain line just dripping into to it and directly tie in the discharge to the drain system in the house. Do you have a basement?

If you have the machine what do the installation instructions say to do?
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