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This week I installed a new motor control unit in my Whirlpool refrigerator. It was very easy to install and works great. However, since the repair, a small iceberg slowly forms on the back wall of the ice bin directly below where the water line enters the water reservoir. On one occasion when I heard the ice maker begin to cycle, I hurriedly opened the freezer door to observe the ice maker in its cycle. I saw 5 drops of water leak from the bottom of the reservoir onto the iceberg on the back of the ice bin at the end of the cycle.

Whenever I leave the feeler wire raised, there is no increase in the size of the iceberg. I know that the motor control unit has an water adjustment screw. Is it possible that during the water fill cycle, a little too much water is being allowed to enter the reservoir?

I did not want to make any adjustments until I got some professional opinions since everything else is working great.

(FYI- this was not the situation prior to installing the new motor control. I do not see how changing out a defective unit with a new unit could have attributed to this unless the amount of water entering the icemaker needs to be adjusted.)
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