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ice dispenser not working (Drive Mechanism problem)

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We bought GE side-by-side refrigerator (GSS23QGTBB) a year ago, and we have just connected the refrigerator to the water line last week. It produces a lot of ice cube in the ice storage drawer, and the water dispenser is working well.
The problem is that no ice will come out from ice dispenser when “cubed ice” or “crushed ice” button is selected. We noticed that the drive mechanism was not working as we could see the gear did not rotate at all.
Any advice?
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First I agree with Dana if it’s under warranty call a repairman!

If not do you hear a noise when you attempt to use the dispenser? If so the auger motor (the motor that turns the auger) may be locked up from sitting for so long. You can fix it by removing the ice bin and turning the auger motor to free it up. To do so use a screwdriver and place in the fork that turns the auger and try to turn it by hand it should turn with little resistance.
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