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I want top-quality solid 3/4" hardwood...

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I'm shopping for the clearest, most consistently grained pre-finished 3/4" hardwood flooring I can find in either a white or red oak. Price is not a consideration...high, low, somewhere in between...I don't care.

Who makes the absolute best? This is going in a house with no kids or pets.

I've heard the hype from all the sales people...what do you people out there have to say?

Thanks a bunch.
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Cleanest grade wood floors

Yes, Mirage, Lauzon, Tembec, and several other Canadians make really nice clean floors. And Sheoga is also really nice. But for the cleanest grade, you really should consider going with unfinsihed and having it job site finished.

You ca pick a true Select, or even Clear grade, or if you want a spectacular floor, consider Rift and Quartered. You'd also have a square edge for an elegant look as compared to a bevel with the prefinshed.

I'm a huge prefinished fan, but you sound like a better candidate for unfinished.

Wood Floor Guy :laughing:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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